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Prolong Ejaculation – My True, Uncut Story To “Manhood”!


Hi - I'm James.

If you suffer from premature ejaculation, my personal uncut story will inspire and lead you to prolong ejaculation and finally satisfy your partner.

You see, I FEEL your pain. Yes I do, because I was also a patient of premature ejaculation.

If you're like me, you've scoured the shelves in bookstores for hours trying to find something that will solve premature ejaculation. I've done everything I can... but I still couldn't solve it. There's something more to it.

However, I have good news. Premature ejaculation can be solved (yes you can prolong ejaculation) and I'm about to tell you how I solved it. So let's begin.

A few years back, I found out I suffered from this problem. It haunted me day and night and it was very frustrating. I don't feel like a complete "man", so to speak. I can't even satisfy my girl!

So I began to take action and did everything I can to solve this problem, including making visits to doctors. I read books about premature ejaculation, but they were all too complex and confusing. It was hard to understand.

I was ready to give in to premature ejaculation and live my life WITH this disorder. But as life would have it, I literally stumbled upon the solution.

I was reading an article about sex and relationships one day and I saw this advertisement that teaches people how to prolong ejaculation. I clicked on it.

I read everything he has to say and finally came to a conclusion that my life is worth more than $99. Since he also offered a 60-day 100% no-questions-asked guarantee on his product which I can take up on if he fails to deliver what he promised, I invested in his product.

My life changed since then. I started to last longer and longer and I began to satisfy my partner. She was surprised when I broke my record of lasting only 70+ seconds with my new "high score" of about 6 minutes. :)

Ah the old times. Now I can go for an average about 9 minutes (which is a huge improvement if you asked me).

After this experience, I decided to recommend this product to anyone who is suffering from premature ejaculation and wants to prolong ejaculation.

Before I sign off, the name of this product is Ejaculation By Command . You can click here to visit it's website.

Well I guess that's it! I hope you can solve premature ejaculation (if you suffer from it).

All the best!


P.S Just so you know, I get commissions if you decide to try Ejaculation By Command. Just treat it as a thank-you note from you to me or a chance to collect good karma. ;)


I just exchanged some emails with Lloyd (the author) and guess what? He agreed to extend his offer and continue to give you guys a whopping 50% discount on Ejaculation By Command!

The last time the offer was cut, I got some really nasty emails. Like I said, I can't do anything if he decides to call it off. So I recommend you take him up on this second chance.

A few rounds of beer in town with a few buddies or a permanent solution to premature ejaculation (not to mention the 100% guarantee)?

Click here to enjoy this time-sensitive offer!

God bless and good luck to you!

Prolong Ejaculation Is NOT a Myth!

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Some people say prolong ejaculation is impossible. Some say premature ejaculation cannot be cured and healed.

Guess what? They were wrong!

It's definitely possible (I'm living proof), but you have to know what you're doing. If not, then it's either going to take you a long time to finally cure premature ejaculation or you're not going to prolong ejaculation.

What you need is a guide - a proven method to do this. Sure you can shoot in the dark and hope something hits. Unless you're rich, powerful and have a lot of free time (and I mean A LOT), then you should NOT and must NEVER shoot in the dark.

In a few days, I'm going to spend some time to write my story and my method of how I prolong ejaculation. For now I've got to go, so stay tuned!


Overcome Premature Ejaculation

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Hello everyone, it's James again.

Sorry for the delay, I have been quite busy lately and I couldn't squeeze enough time out to write the story(about how I prolong ejaculation) I promised. However, to make it up to you guys, I'm going to share one tip I know that COULD help you overcome premature ejaculation. Here's the tip:

It's All in Your Head

Yes, it's all in your head. It is highly possible that your thinking is the main criminal. Try to imagine yourself last longer in bed and see what happens the next time. It could be your cure to premature ejaculation. Who knows, this one little thought could be your savior!

Anyway, that's all for the simple tip. Tomorrow, I PROMISE to deliver my full story about how I overcome premature ejaculation, and gain back ALL my pride(yeah!).

Until then, have a nice day man(and think about that tip)!

Prolong Ejaculation Story

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Hey, James here.

Hey you found this website, which only means one thing, bro: You're suffering from premature ejaculation and you want to prolong ejaculation.

Now don't get me wrong. 25-40% of males suffer from this, including me. However, I no longer suffer ejaculating 2 minutes into the game and getting pissed on by my ex-gfs after trying several ebooks trying to prolong ejaculation time.

So in a few days from now, I'll write my story on what I did to overcome my experience, and hopefully after you read it, you can once again stand up and shine like the rest of the gang!

Stay tuned, bro!